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I love the look of vintage aprons and followed this Apron Tutorial at Stonegable
Love It !


When I first saw the silver tray chalkboard dressed with ribbon on Cindy's hutch, I knew I had to make one for myself. I had a couple of old silver trays that I had found at my local Goodwill Store and Antique Market for less than $2 each and knew they would be perfect for this DIY project.
I purchased my chalkboard paint, a foam brush, and painters tape at Lowe's.
Warning: Chalkboard Paint is addicting - You will want to paint everything !
~Taped with one thin coat applied ~
Step 1: Make sure the tray is clean and free of dust and silver polish.
Step 2: Taped off the edge (frame) with tape - you can free handed the curves if you like.
Step 3: Using the foam brush paint one thin coat and let it dry, then applied another thin coat in the opposite direction. Don't worry about the streaks in your first coat, the second coat will cover this up.
Repeat 2 times equalling 4 coats - or desired look.
Note: Apply paint as smoothly as possible, don't go back over your work more than once or you will start to pull off what you just painted on. Watch your brush for any debris, it will cause deep scratches or groves in your paint. Remove the debris by wiping your brush onto paper towel,
apply fresh paint and rebrush your tray.
Step 4: Once it has dried for 24 hours you need to *set the paint.
*Setting chalkboard paint: Rub a piece of chalk onto the painted surface using the side of the chalk - not the point. Your paint alto dry is still in the soft stage and you can make scares with this process. Wipe off with a dry clothe and repeat. You have now set your paint.
Step 5: Remove the tape and decorate! Clean up any overbrushed areas with a craft knife.
Here are a few of my Silver Tray Chalkboards and other Chalkboard Projects I've made.
They makes a great gift!

Helpful Tip: If you like your silver shinny, use a small amount of Tarn-x on a clothe and apply to the frame or rim of your tray - avoid the chalkboard painted surfaces with this product to minimize discoloration.

Now, I don't want to sound like a chalk snob, but I prefer Alpha Chalk. It goes on smooth and doesn't crumble with a bold rich white chalkiness that I love.

Resources / Other DIY Chalkboard Gurus:

http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/ (Header Graphic)

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