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May 27, 2010

My Creation Became A Reality

After nearly five years into my cozy 1940's cottage home, I still had not found a way to display my white dish collection? My poor kitchen cabinets were overflowing with Ironstone and Pfaltzgraff
The dining room is where I wanted to show them off, but it is not a big room and needs all the floor space it could possibly keep. A hutch would just not be a good solution. Hummm~What if it hung on the wall and didn't take up any of my floor space?  
Time to doodle! (That's what I do best!)
Me thinking: I like the Welsh design simplicity, add some tongue and grove for backing, the shelves need to be deeper than a plate rack to hold my collection, and paint it cream~ of course!

Now I jostled around with the idea of taking an old hutch top and converting it into what I wanted, but that would be outside my skill set indeed. I searched the thrift stores to see what a hutch top would cost, but no such luck. A few weeks later a co-worker, who we will call Jeff came into my office during lunch and saw the doodle-page laying in front of me and asked "What's this?" I laughed and said, "A creation waiting for a maker". Boy was that the right person to say that to, come to find out Jeff, is a wood worker. He looked at what I had on my sketch and said "let me give you a quote on what it would take to build this".

Well folks, it could not have turned out any better.
With a little tweak here and there this is the final product. 
 I love it - love it - love it.
 You are welcome to use my design, just give
credit where credit is due please.
Send me photos of  your hutch creations and I'll post them here.

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