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My besties and me went to the AQS Quilt Show & Contest - Paducah, Kentucky, April 27-30, 2011
It was fabulous and worth the trip. Now my friends are much better quilters than I am, I consider myself an amateur and this shows - showed me just how much of an amateur I really am. People quilt for different reasons. I quilt because its fun and you get to hand down a piece of yourself in the form of fabric that hopefully will be passed down to others. I have a few quilts my mother Betty and I made after I married. I still have them and think of her now that she's gone, each time I wrap myself or my children up in them. I'm working on a pinwheel baby quilt right now (which I'll share later on) but for now look at these wonderful quilts. Click the link above to see winner for this year - absolutely fabulous.

The label says: SNAIL TRAIL with verified feed sacks

Look at the little laundry hanging on the line ~ WOW !