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May 21, 2010

Rainey Daye

I've been dog setting.
Rainey Daye is my daughter Amanda’s six year old Weimaraner and my grand puppy.
(I know it’s sad that I only have a grand puppy, but I love her)
She is staying with me for 3 to 4 weeks while my daughter is traveling.
Why is she staying with me and not at a kennel you ask? Well, there is no place like Ganny’s (thats what she calls me) as she is recovering from a broken foot. To be more accurate a broken toe bone, the bone leading from the toe to the ankle (Do dogs have ankles?)  Yeap, she jumped down from a picnic table after getting very excited about who-knows-what ; a cat, a squirrel, the mail man, or something just simply moved!  She landed wrong and came limping up to Amanda with a dangling digit.
After a trip to her vet, Rainey came out sporting a pretty pink cast. (To match her collar of course)
Anyway, it’s been a very exhausting 3 plus weeks. When you are not a dog owner yourself, you have to find a whole new daily routine. You must get up earlier in order for her to eat, drink, and be merry (wee-wee) before you leave her for the day. One trying experience was while I was at work her little bandaged paw began to swell (poor baby). When returning home that afternoon she greeted me at the door with her cast gnawed half way off and her paws was 5 times the size it should be. Dear Lord, my heart started pounding as I started talk’n to Jesus to help me get the rest of it off with out further harm to her. I felt like such a heel for not checking on her at lunch as I had during the first part of the week, but dogs are smart, she knew it was swelling and that the remedy was - get this thing off me!
I immediately jumped on the cell phone in speaker-mode and called my local veterinarian, telling them “I’m bringing her in". Then called Amanda, who was in California, to have her vet in Nashville faxed the necessary x-rays and information into my vet.
~ Good Grief ~
The KY veterinarian hospital kept her overnight to keep an eye on her and to observe any further swelling for the next few hours. I picked her up the next afternoon and all was well. They left the cast off her foot and said she was to stay off of it except to go wee-wee and to remain calm – CALM! Does anyone with a Weimaraner know that this word is NOT within a weimies vocabulary! Oh well, I did my best and she is doing superb.

Her mommy flew back into Nashville yesterday and I drove Rainey home to be reunited with her.  The next day, Amanda sent me this picture; with the caption “will she ever learn!”
Oh well, here’s hoping for the best Rain-Rain.

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