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August 11, 2010


My 1940's bathroom needed a little redo. I am not in the position to totally gut the thing (which it needs) but a little facelift wouldn't hurt.
After the hubs and I visited Hawaii I went on a palm tree kick and papered this room with, yeap you guessed it, palm tree wallpaper. I know, I know - themeish!
Luckily it did not have monkeys on it too, which my daughter Amanda hates with a passion or she would have never gone in there to ... you know. It had been up on the walls for 5 years now and as all my friends can tell you that's an eternity for me the decorating queen!
I jumped into ripping off the wallpaper before I could photographic it for prosperity - but I just didn’t need to remember that. But here is a scrape of it to get a complete visual.
I stripped everything off, then the backing. The hubs even sanded the ceiling smooth again for me.
I painted both the walls and the ceiling a pie-dough color. It was lighter than I wanted but turned out nice. The only problem is, when I’m reclining in the tub I keep thinking of pie recipes!
I found the old antique mirror at a thrift store for $15, painted it off white. I hung a floating shelf (found at Lowes), ceramic hooks instead of a towel rack then lovingly displayed yet more of my white ware. The shade is made out of good quality burlap tied up with a cream grosgrain ribbon.
The toilet paper in the basket! Oh, that is a fisherman minnow basket painted cream found at the same thrift store as the mirror for just $8.
All accomplished on a budget and will do for now.

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