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June 7, 2010

My Vintage Find

On this weekends thrift search I found a beauty, a vintage highchair. Now mind you, I do not have any grand children, but I would have kicked myself if I let this one get away.
What do you think?A real beauty isn't she.
An older gentleman was asking $35.00 for it and like all garage sale savvy people do, I asked, "Would you take any less for it?" He said, "It's a good sturdy chair, but I'll take $25 for it".

 I've searched Google but can not find anything that will tell me what year it would be or style it is. I've been referring to it as a fiddleback, but am not sure.
Now you can only imagine the hubs face when he awoke and saw me out on the back porch with my cleaning tooth-brush and magic eraser and a HIGHCHAIR ! I saw the look in his eyes and I immediately said: "Isn't it beautiful, I bet it's worth $100". (I don't care if it isn't worth anything - I love it and hopefully it will see some grand babies someday- no pressure kids).
 I used a mild cleanser to remove the years of baby food (I'm hoping that was only baby food) from the spindles I used my magic eraser, which works wonders in removing the crud and not the patina.
I tightened up a screw or two and am leaving her just like she is, now setting in the dinning room for all to see.
My son's girlfriend Racheal, busted into laughter as I presented my new find. "No pressure huh" she said. Her son Aidan (who is a real cutie-pie), was the first to give it a try.

Yeap, she's sturdy!

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