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June 15, 2010

Tea Anyone?

I get a warm fuzzy every time someone mentions Tea. I guess it's because I crave the stuff and have a love for collecting teapots. One beautiful way to show off your teapots is to have a tea party.
Don't panic, there are tea parties of all shapes and sizes and not all are the stuffed shirt variety.
It can be a Tea-for-Two with your daughter (or some day a daughter in-law).
With your besties (girlfriends), or the ladies group.
Hey you can even have a tea party all by yourself, I do it all the time!

Displaying my teapots are part of my daily joy, but don't let them just set there ~ use them.
They each have a story that lead them to you and setting on a shelf
is not the only way they want to go to that
'Great Tea Party in the Sky'

My teapot collection began with the small Hall Teapot in the center.  
Isn't it sweet, it was my Grandmother Cora's teapot.
It has a small nick on its spout, but it is lovely just the same.  
I'm not sure how old it is, I've had it for years now and who knows how long Cora had it in her possession. 
It stayed in a Hope Chest for years, then in a cabinet, and now out on display where it should have been a long time ago. But it is at its very best when I have it full of steeping hot
Tea nestled up to some biscotti just for me.

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