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June 20, 2010

A Special Cookbook

I love cookbooks and received this one with pride.
Pride~In receiving a cookbook?   Yes, pride ~ let me explain.

If you have the new Home Cooking with Trisha Yearwood cookbook, please turn to the back ,page 216 please.

Now you know why I am so proud. There in row 14 is my daughters name !

She assisted in the styling of  Trisha Yearwood,her mother, and sister during the shoot of this book. All 3 ladies signed the front cover too.
Once in hand I made several of her recipes and see that this is a really great cookbook for anyone who likes down-home country cooking. It is easy-to-use and the recipes are practical.
No, I'm not getting paid to say this!

The recipes are based on everyday meals, plus some foods for special occasions. There is no need for exotic ingredients, since nearly every recipe is made from the staples we all keep in our homes.

Trisha has that southern hospitality gene and is a big believer that cooking for someone else is an act of love.
I highly recommend this as a gift for the cooks in your life and is a nice addition to my cookbook collection.
 Oh, and you can highlight page 216 if you wish!  (wink)

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  1. I see that you are new to blogging! Congratulations on your beautiful blog! I'm going to follow you~ so pretty.
    And kudos to your daughter for the mention in the book.
    It looks very good!
    So glad to find you today. Now I am going to go back and read your other posts!
    Yvonne @ StoneGable